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BBJ-003 -BROWN'S BEACH JACKET (Classic Color) 10% off

BBJ-003 -BROWN'S BEACH JACKET (Classic Color) 10% off

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●Lot. BBJ-003
●WOOL 74% COTTON 26%

BROWN'S BEACH has been thoroughly researching materials since FULLCOUNT since 2007. We obtained a license in February 2010 and started production. This time, we would like to introduce "BBJ-003 BROWN'S BEACH JACKET", which is as popular as the best item. The coveralls released every season as a standard have been redesigned from the shape of the pockets to the round collar angle, and are finished in a cohesive and moderate silhouette while retaining the classical atmosphere. This material, which was developed for outdoor men more than 100 years ago, has a two-layer structure of cotton knitting (Russell knitting) on ​​the front side and wool fleece on the back side, which is the same structure as a sweatshirt. The fleece on the back side accounts for more than 70% of the ratio, and by applying a fairly strong brushing, durability that can not be thought of as a knit product is created. The surface is made by twisting threads with different counts in two colors to create an atmosphere peculiar to BROWN'S BEACH with unevenness, commonly known as "salt and pepper". It is the most popular 3-pocket jacket, with a clean and classical feel that makes it easy to incorporate into a variety of coordination to make it easier to fit into modern styles. Uses an original snap button with a large 20 mm engraving. It has a more classic atmosphere such as piping specifications.

size tall(cm) body(cm) shoulder(cm) arm length (cm) arm hall(cm) hall(cm)
36 64.0 52.0 42.0 60.0 23.0 13.0
38 66.0 53.0 43.0 61.0 24.0 14.0
40 68.0 54.5 44.0 62.0 26.0 14.0
42 70.0 56.0 45.0 64.5 26.0 14.0
44 72.0 58.0 47.5 66.5 28.0 16.0